• Screenshot of talking head video
  • Illustration of demerger
  • Black and white image of HMRC with IR35 title
  • Company properties graphic
  • HMRC graphic
  • Government announcement
  • How I became a... Senior Solicitor
  • Furlough graphic
  • Graphic of employee going through redundancy

    Zee Hussain and Rebecca Dixon

  • Graphic of employer talking about redundancy

    Rebecca Dixon and Zee Hussain

  • Graphic of government
  • Graphic of 10 Downing Street

    Alistair Scott-Somers, Zee Hussain and Rebecca Dixon

  • Illustration of business video conference
  • Employee Share Scheme illustration
  • Illustration of people in hands
  • Alistair Scott-Somers and Philip Jordan

  • Tony Maleham, Alistair Scott-Somers, Julie Evans and Azra Farooq

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