Update: The Progeny Positive Index, Second Edition is now available!

The Progeny Positive Index is a round-up of the decisive action we are taking across the business throughout the coronavirus lockdown. While many businesses are furloughing staff and going to ground, we are doing the opposite. We are increasing not reducing the size of our team and accelerating rather than pausing our plans to grow the business.

We have taken the initiative to do what we can within our field to make a positive impact – for our clients, our team members, our communities and society. Our aim is to emerge with a firm that can better service our clients, create more jobs and support our communities and charitable causes more effectively. The Progeny Positive Index tells the story of how we’re doing it.

The Progeny Positive Index has been covered in publications including:

This post was updated on Monday 18th May 2020 to reflect our updated charity fundraising figure.

Neil Moles

Chief Executive Officer

Neil’s main focus is developing and delivering the strategy of the business. He also looks after a number of private clients delivering a personal service to them. As an ambitious individual, he is looking to create one of the most respected advisory firms in the country.

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