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Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is not just a process to be undertaken immediately prior to your chosen date for giving up work.

Achieving the desired abstinence can require a strategy that takes time to implement and execute so that you are able to achieve retirement you most desire.

Progeny works with you to ensure that your aspirations are harmonised with the type of investment philosophy that will most closely match the outcome that you require.

This involves careful planning, most especially in taxation. Critical consideration needs to be made of hurdles such as double taxation for those with multi-jurisdictional assets, providing options for income withdrawal from differing investment vehicles, dependent on the respective tax implications, and the relative benefits of buying an annuity versus capital withdrawal.

These are all part of the service that we deliver, designed to provide you with the appropriate framework for a peaceable retirement.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate income tax planning or inheritance tax planning.