Your life is full of opportunity. But also challenges. You require an advisory service that will preserve and grow your personal and family wealth, and protect it for the next generation. From expert advisers who are attentive and accessible. Recognising that each client is unique, we take time to appreciate your outlook on life.

Our clients expect quality legal advice on a full range of commercial, financing and other practical challenges that face their businesses. From lawyers who listen carefully, respond quickly and present good value. And we are in business to deliver in every respect. But we also pride ourselves on being entrepreneurial and creative. Just like you.

You would expect the best private law firms to combine personal understanding with premium service from experienced lawyers. And you would be right. Progeny Private Law advises a select group of individuals and families across a spectrum of legal, business and personal issues.

In the ever changing financial landscape which can sometimes appear daunting and challenging we work with our clients to build a relationship which can last a life time, giving you confidence that your wealth is working for you.