With all your financial planners and legal advisers working together, you can go anywhere…

Progeny is independent financial planning, investment management, tax services, property, HR and legal counsel, all in one place.

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established for tomorrow’s wealth

Progeny is independent financial planning, investment management, tax services, property, HR and legal counsel, all in one place.

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Progeny is the first and only firm in the UK to bring together independent financial planning, asset management, tax, property, HR, private and corporate legal services.

We have overcome industry silos to build the most diverse-thinking professional group in our industry. We achieve the very best for the wellbeing of clients and their families. We always do the right thing for clients, team members and our community.

We use technology to eliminate paperwork, improve communications and enrich the relationship between client and adviser. We create, enhance, and preserve wealth. We match the right professionals to achieve the individual goals of our clients.

We make complex problems simple.

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Our unique blend of financial and legal expertise will nurture your wealth – for today, for tomorrow and for generations to come.

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We offer an advisory service that will protect, preserve and grow your personal and family wealth.

We know that every one of our clients is unique. That’s why we take the time to learn about your aspirations and your outlook, so that we can develop a full understanding of your individual requirements. We take pride in building an enduring relationship with you.

Over time, your circumstances will change and your priorities will shift. With our bespoke offering, we can anticipate your needs as they evolve and provide the right support and advice to ensure that you continue to fulfil your life’s objectives.

Insightful, strategic financial planning is central to everything we do. We give you clear and considered advice on the available investment options and, using our experience and knowledge of investment services, recommend the investment products that are most suitable for your strategy.

Always ambitious for our clients, we can make a real difference to your future.

Intelligent and innovative investment management solutions, for the clients and climate of today.

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Whatever your investment needs, Progeny has a solution that aims to ensure an investment strategy that delivers the right outcome for you.

We have developed our innovative offering by being agile and responsive to our clients’ needs and market conditions. Too many investors pay for poor investment performance and sub-standard service. We’re here to show that there’s another way.

Our range of efficient solutions and services have been created with you in mind, wherever you are in your life and whatever your goals.

We will work closely with you to achieve your investing aims. You’ll have an investment manager on hand to answer your questions and put plans into action. This is backed up by a wealth of additional experience in our wider asset management team and the broader multi-service offering that Progeny provides.

Our Portfolio Review Service provides a review of your existing portfolio to establish the level of risk taken, the performance achieved and the true costs incurred, suggesting improvements where necessary.

A complete range of tax services, from one-off specialist advice to ongoing tax compliance.

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Progeny offers a complete range of tax services covering both tax compliance and tax advisory. Whether you require assistance with filing a return, structuring your affairs tax-efficiently, minimising tax liabilities or negotiating with HMRC, our tax experts can help.

We provide a fast, efficient tax return service to ensure that you do not have to worry about meeting deadlines. This gives a full understanding of your tax liabilities, so that you can plan ahead, and so that we can provide proactive advice on how you could minimise those liabilities. By having a deep understanding of your family’s circumstances, we can look for opportunities to utilise your own and your family’s allowances and rate bands to maximise your post-tax income.

By working with your financial planners and legal advisers, we obtain an in-depth knowledge of your circumstances. We can then provide bespoke tax advice, ensuring that your investments are structured in the most tax-efficient manner and that ongoing tax liabilities are managed.

Whether you want us to take away the hassle of completing tax returns, you need Inheritance Tax planning advice, or you are looking to sell your business, we can provide tailored advice to help you meet your objectives.

Specialist private client lawyers dedicated to providing expert advice to a wide range of private clients, trustees and families.

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Our expert team offers specialist advice across a broad spectrum of private client legal work.

We place our clients at the centre of everything we do. Clients often share similar priorities, but their views on how those priorities should be pursued can be very different. We take the time to understand how you view your wealth and how you wish that wealth to be passed on.

By building strong relationships with you and with other generations of your family, we can create bespoke solutions that enable your beneficiaries to receive a significant and lasting benefit from their inheritance.

Our team offers a broad range of expertise, including succession planning, tax mitigation, trust structuring, and Will and Power of Attorney planning. We also have particular experience in dealing with Court of Protection matters and trust and probate administration.

Whether you are a high-net-worth individual, the steward of your family’s affairs, or a business owner, you will receive the personal attention and tailored advice of our dedicated lawyers, who are focused on understanding and achieving your specific objectives.

Services for your business

Including Corporate Legal Services and HR Consultancy & Advice

We advise our clients on how best to create, enhance, preserve and ultimately realise the value of their businesses.

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We see the world through the eyes of our clients. Their goals and aspirations inform our approach, along with our desire to develop enduring relationships that further their interests.

We start by thinking about how we can best help businesses to grow. Our support is designed around the challenges our clients face and the ambitions that drive them forward. We develop and implement a proactive and commercially-focused strategy to support their success.

We work with companies of all shapes, sizes and sectors. This gives us the breadth and depth of experience to understand your needs, whatever your situation, and gives you the assurance that we can help you achieve your business objectives. Working across all legal areas relevant to business (including HR and employment; incentivising management; tax; digital, compliance and IP; and property and real estate), we provide considered and specific advice built around your exact goals and circumstances.

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