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Teaming Up to Protect Your Family’s Wealth

This article was originally published on Quadrant Group’s website. Quadrant Group was acquired by Progeny in March 2017.

I hope you’ll have seen our recent and exciting news, that we are joining the ground-breaking Progeny Group. (If not, you’ll find the announcement here).

There are many similarities between Quadrant and Progeny, so it’s an exciting change for us and all of our clients. Working together will unite the talents of both businesses. Our shared culture and complementary geographical presence will bring exponential benefits to our clients.

Progeny provide a unique combination of wealth management and legal advice for private clients, corporates and family offices. They are the first independent multi-service professional platform designed to match client goals with those of the professionals advising them.

Nothing will change in terms of how we at Quadrant look after our existing clients. We will continue to care for their wealth by doing what we do best – tailoring our services to meet their individual objectives. What is new is the broader range of services we will be able to offer – including Trusts, high-level tax, private and corporate legal advice and services.

Financial Planning for Future Generations

One of the key services clients require from us, as wealth managers, is help with financial planning for the next generations of their families. Being part of the Progeny Group will give us an even greater ability to do this, supporting clients in safeguarding and growing their wealth for future generations.

The best way to meet this goal is with a team of experienced professionals who bring with them a range of specific skills and advice to address all aspects of successful future wealth planning. Writing and executing trusts and Wills, estate planning, high-level tax advice and investment management, – all these are required for successful family financial planning for the future. Having access to and working together with a team of specialist corporate lawyers, private and family lawyers, wealth managers and a tax adviser, all under one roof, will help us ensure all our clients’ needs are met.

In addition to our core services of wealth management and protection, below are the factors that need to be taken into account for sound financial planning for future generations, and why the joined-up strategic approach of a team of specialists, enables us to achieve it so much more effectively for clients.

Family and Private Legal Advice

Specialist private client lawyers can provide expert advice across a broad sweep of areas including succession planning, tax mitigation and trust structuring, as well as Will and estate planning.

Every client has a different set of objectives to achieve and working with a dedicated lawyer offering advice tailored to their specific circumstances in conjunction with a financial planner, can help them build the plan they need. Bringing these legal skills under the same umbrella as wealth management creates a cohesive network of communication and support for clients.

Succession Planning

Succession planning can be complex and require the input of more than one adviser to build and implement the best solution for the client. From owners of a family business to entrepreneurs and company directors, all will have different demands and be required to address the varied aspects of succession planning. A robust succession plan should take into account the complexities of how we live our lives while being tailored to suit the individual demands of the client in question, and their family and all the tax consequences of any strategy we deploy. Personalised and thorough advice can ensure that your estate is organised in the most appropriate way for you. This can often mean that drawing up a Will is just one of many options.

Firm advice on inheritance tax is the cornerstone of good estate planning. A tax adviser working alongside a legal expert and financial adviser can provide a comprehensive package of information and guidance on the options available to mitigate the liability of inheritance tax, both during your lifetime and on your death. This can often mean the creation of a trust.


Trusts are regularly used by clients as a method of ensuring a smooth transition of their wealth between generations while mitigating the impact of inheritance tax and other taxes. Some clients also choose to use them for their significant asset protection opportunities. This enables them to retain a much greater degree of control over the transfer of their wealth than with an outright gift.

Administering a trust can be a complex exercise, which demands the right expertise and support to ensure that the tax affairs of the trust are correct and fully up-to-date and that the trustees are correctly carrying out their duties and responsibilities.

Corporate Legal Advice

Our clients have worked hard to build and grow their businesses, so they want the right corporate legal advice and insight, based on a full understanding of their aims and objectives. The legal support they require as an entrepreneur or business owner needs to be both specialised but also broad enough to be able to cover every conceivable legal challenge they might face.

Having a full-service law firm on hand, working in tandem with wealth managers, provides peace of mind that they have got the support and structure around them to enhance and preserve the value of their business. Then, when the time is right, our clients are well placed to realise the value of their business or transfer ownership to other family members.

Always on Your Team

At Quadrant, we have always believed in the power of working as a team. Joining the Progeny Group will only strengthen this belief. The joined-up, strategic approach of bringing financial advice, wealth management, tax and legal advice, all under one roof, will offer tremendous benefits to our clients. We will continue doing what we have always been committed to doing, which is working as a team, to support families in managing and preserving their wealth for future generations, while giving them the freedom to enjoy their lives today.

This article does not constitute financial advice. Individuals must not rely on this information to make a financial or investment decision. Before making any decision, we recommend you consult your financial planner to take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation and individual needs. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. The value of an investment and the income from it may go down as well as up and investors may not get back the amount originally invested. This document may include forward-looking statements that are based upon our current opinions, expectations and projections.

Andrew Pereira

Director, Wealth

Andrew has been working with families, high-net-worth clients and business owners for well over 20 years.

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