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The Progeny Group Sponsors Yorkshire Business Insider’s Rich List 2016

3rd October 2016

The Progeny Group is today delighted to announce our sponsorship of Yorkshire Business Insider’s Rich List 2016.

New Entrants Take Place on Yorkshire Rich List 2016

“Multimillionaires operating in a diverse range of sectors are among the new entrants to feature on this year’s Yorkshire Business Insider Rich List, which we will count down in a series of stories this week.

In total, there are 12 new entries in the table, revealed and analysed in this month’s Yorkshire Business Insider magazine, with seven of the newcomers featuring in places between 80 and 100.

Profiles of numbers 100-88 and 87-80 are available to read in full within the Members’ Exclusive section of our newsletter today. The list, sponsored by The Progeny Group, is compiled for Insider by wealth specialists Philip Beresford and Robert Watts.”

Find out more about Yorkshire Business Insider’s Rich List 2016 here.