Business exiting, are you ready to sell?

When planning for a sale, starting early is key to achieving the best results that align with your personal goals. Planning your business exit ensures owners maximise the value of their company and minimise the tax burden when they exit.

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Build a business exit strategy

When it comes to selling your business, there are key factors that impact it’s altogether value, some of which can certainly influence the value of your business more than others.

Having robust financial performance and a dedicated management team is essential. Being able to show profitable recurring revenue is also advantageous especially when building your business exit strategy. If you’re looking to get started, our experienced team of business lawyers can act as your legal counsel during this process.

We can help you build a strategy that guides you towards a sale event that is equally aligned with your personal ambitions, both in respect of the sale and how to protect and grow the value you will gain from the sale of your business.

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6 steps to a successful business sale

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What is a business exit strategy?

A business exit strategy prepares you and your business for a sale event. It can help you simultaneously plan for a smooth transition that maximises the value from exiting whilst being aligned with your personal goals.

Discuss what options are available when exiting a business

Whilst a traditional sale to a competitor or supplier in most cases holds the most value, it doesn’t have to be your only option. If you have a strong management team you can start to explore Management Buyouts (MBO), Vendor Initiated Management Buyouts (VIMBO) or Employee Ownership Trusts (EOT).

These options need to be discussed with a legal professional so you are clear on the procedures and ensure final outcomes align with your goals.

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Business succession planning

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Trusted by fellow entrepreneurs

“When you embark upon a multi-million pound private equity investment into your business, it is a journey into the unknown and very daunting. Progeny were able to guide me through the process by providing proactive and commercial advice and negotiating hard to maximise the outcome for my business and me. I would highly recommend Progeny to any business owner.”

“My experience with Progeny showed how different an acquisition is to anything else I had been involved in and how my normal legal advisors were not in the same ball park. The Progeny team proactively addressed all commercial issues. They were extremely pragmatic with their advice and solved numerous issues before I even realised they existed. For me, it allowed me to know that the deal was right in terms of contract negotiations and my ongoing involvement with the business was properly structured.”

“The investment was vital to the future growth plans for our business over the next three years and we appreciate that Progeny advised the shareholders of the company and played an invaluable role in ensuring the transaction completed on terms favourable to us all. Your advice was succinct, to the point and always solution driven.”

Get legal counsel that understands entrepreneurs

Selling a business can be one of the most stressful periods of your life. At Progeny, our focus is on you, we look at your individual circumstances, requirements, and life goals post-exiting a business to add the best value.

It is essential to have the right legal counsel that will ask you the difficult questions and help you prepare and navigate inevitable hurdles.

Our legal experts are not only lawyers, but entrepreneurs themselves. The team helped to build the Progeny brand from a wealth start-up in 2016 to a global professional services business in 2024. View our story.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sectors do you specialise in?

At Progeny we specialise in owner managers, not sectors. We see the individual as paramount. We can help you to navigate stressful and tricky transactions regardless of what sector you are in.

How can I ensure confidentiality during the sales process?

Consult expert advice before talking to others about a sale.

Keep the team involved to a minimum.

Use Non disclosure agreements. These can be an essential tool in helping to ensure confidentiality.

Don’t use a work email addresses to communicate about the sale.

Hold back particularly commercially sensitive information until you are confident that the sale will complete.

What is the best exit strategy for me?

There are many options when it comes to exiting a business, our video on exit route options should get your started on potential options.

What are the costs during the business exiting process?

Usually you would be looking at legal and corporate finances fees, whereas at Progeny we can provide a complementary meeting with both our tax and wealth adviser teams.

Top 2 things that halt the sale of a business?

1. Uncovering a liability in the business that was previously undiscovered

2. Market conditions changing drastically significantly impact the buyers market.

What are key indicators that a business is not ready for exiting?

If a Business is not performing at its full potential.

The business is over reliant on the founder shareholder.

Do I need a financial director for my business to exit?

Having a financial director will certainly impact buyer confidence in the financial data you provide, though it may not change the overall price.

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