Our unique combination of financial and legal services…

Living and working abroad offers many unique opportunities, and also provides you with the opportunity to build a solid investment portfolio.

Our team of international planners have helped hundreds of clients by providing financial planning advice which is intelligent, informed and truly appreciates the unique personal circumstances of each client.

Financial planning internationally

From initial consultation, our experienced teams based in Singapore, Hong Kong and Belgium, many of whom are expats themselves, will take time to understand your financial aims, lifestyle and future plans. Our focus is to help you create a financial planning strategy, including suitable investments and pension plans, which meet your short and long-term financial goals, to help you achieve financial freedom. Our financial planners hold the highest standards of professional qualifications, and take pride in providing trusted and transparent advice.

Going beyond traditional financial planning.

Financial planning with Progeny can help you to make critical decisions about your future by understanding you, your values, goals and aspirations.

As a truly independent wealth management firm with the support of our UK legal and tax teams, we are able to provide holistic financial planning advice that covers the whole breadth of the financial market.

At Progeny we create bespoke solutions to bring order to your affairs, allowing you to achieve true financial freedom. We will take you through a disciplined process to help you structure your wealth to match your goals and attitude to risk.

If you are a British expat living overseas and would like to discuss your financial planning in more detail please contact your nearest office. 

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