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Managing Director Neil Moles Interviewed in Portfolio Adviser

19th January 2017

The Progeny Group’s Managing Director Neil Moles discusses the Group’s business model and rapid expansion in Portfolio Adviser.

Leeds wealth firm Progeny targeting rapid expansion

Just three months after its launch the group’s asset manager, Progeny Asset Management, now has more than 300 clients on its books and its growth shows no sign of slowing, according to Moles.

With what Moles calls the industry “big boys” being shaken up by concerns over transparency, boutique asset managers such as Progeny, aim to be the answer for disenchanted clients.

“We are looking to hire and yes, we are looking to acquire rapidly. We have to be increasing the profit margins with every hire, we want to do it the right way,” Moles said. “It’s good for the industry, the big firms need to be challenged,” he added.

Moles said that while he is ‘not naming any names’, he has seen clients come to Progeny after abandoning bigger firms with what he sees as baffling charges for poor service.

“The industry desperately needs to be transparent. The big boys have been shaken up. Our clients are waking up and starting to find a voice about the service they get, the amount they are charged and they want to know what they’re getting.”

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