Corporate legal services at Progeny

Our approach is led by the goals and aspirations of our clients.

Our corporate legal services are here to help entrepreneurs at any stage of their business journey. We can support you with the launch of your business, giving you the tools needed to grow and protect your ideas. Our team of advisers can also help you to get the most value out of the business when you are ready to sell.

We can support you along your business journey by taking a solution-oriented approach and striving to achieve excellence at every turn.

Our corporate legal team can support you to create, enhance, preserve and realise the value of your business.


Launching a new business can be exciting and challenging. How can you be sure you’ve covered all bases and set yourself up for the best chance of success? We provide the cost-effective support to ensure you get off on the right foot.
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When you’re aiming to grow your business, you need to be assured in your decision-making. Our job is to give you the right advice and counsel for your individual circumstances, so you can be confident in your ambitions for investment, growth and success.
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Taking stock and preparing for the future demands legal expertise across many disciplines. It’s vital to establish a robust strategy and the right foundations to protect your business for today and tomorrow.
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If you’re seeking to sell your business, our team will translate your aspirations and legal requirements into commercial reality. We are committed to understanding your ambitions and providing sound advice to help you realise your goals.
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Our unique combination of financial and legal services…

Are you a business owner looking for corporate legal services? At Progeny, we do things differently. Our focus is on helping you to achieve your goals and ambitions. We start by thinking about how we can best support, advise and help businesses to grow, then we structure our offering around the challenges they face and the ambitions that drive them forward.

What our corporate legal services can do for you

We work with companies of all shapes, sizes and sectors. This gives us the breadth and depth of experience to understand your needs, whatever your situation, and to be confident in supporting you to achieve your business and personal objectives. Working across all legal areas relevant to business (including HR and employment; incentivising management, corporate and commercial; tax; digital, compliance and IP; and commercial and residential property), we provide considered and specific advice tailored to your exact personal (including family) and business goals and circumstances.

We invest time in getting to know you so that we fully understand your personal and business aims and aspirations. By learning about the trials and opportunities your company faces, we get a clear picture of your key present and future challenges. We then work alongside you to develop and implement a proactive and commercially-focused strategy to contribute to your success.

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