As an independent adviser, we have access to mortgage products from the most well know high street lenders and banks, and often to deals that are not available when you go direct.

Why use an independent mortgage adviser?

As probably your biggest and lengthiest financial commitment, you should be sure you’re covering all bases and getting the right mortgage product for your individual circumstances.

Many people think that applying for a mortgage only involves working out multiples of your income to find out how much you can borrow, but it is so much more than this.

When more of us than ever are self-employed, the gig economy is growing and the old traditional structures of employment and salary-earning are being replaced with the new, more flexible arrangements a professional adviser will help you find the right mortgage.

How much does it cost?

We receive a commission from the lender. It’s only in a small percentage of cases (when the commission is less than £750) that we may charge a fee, representing the difference – only payable upon a successful completion.

Meet our team

Gill Evans, is our senior mortgage adviser. She began her career in the banking industry, focusing on her preferred area of expertise: mortgage and insurance advice. Gill became an independent mortgage adviser in 2003 and officially joined Progeny in early 2020.

Gill gives professional mortgage advice to help clients address their unique set of circumstances and requirements. She believes in building long-term relationships, helping clients from all walks of life, including some who initially felt they couldn’t be helped, all of which fills her with a great sense of pride.

Contact Us

Call us now on +44 344 225 0660, or fill in the form below and one of our experts will be in touch to discuss how we can help.

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