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Ben Griffiths

Chartered Financial Planner

Ben is an astute and highly competent financial planner for Progeny who excels in offering trusted financial advice. With an aptitude for lateral thinking and an impressive ability to absorb and retain information, he thrives on understanding client needs and getting stuck into how best he can help them achieve their goals.

Organised, logical and always ‘on the ball,’ Ben is driven to excel and has the attention to detail to see him succeed. Always aware of what is going on in the financial world, and taking an active interest to delve deeper, he is a very talented and knowledgeable individual who always has his finger on the financial pulse well ahead of time.

Originally working as a financial planner in Suffolk and London, he is well used to the fast-paced activity of the financial planning world. As a result, while Ben specialises in pension planning, he is able to generalise into all other areas of financial planning.

Ben is always eager to help and is known by clients and colleagues alike for his energy, positivity and integrity.