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We provide tax advice tailored to clients’ personal circumstances and work with their lawyers and wealth advisers to ensure that we consider all potential planning opportunities. This generally starts with ensuring that they have a tax-efficient Will which not only maximises tax efficiencies but is written to protect the wealth of future generations from Inheritance Tax and the breakdown of relationships.

We can also consider the tax-efficiency of clients’ assets and whether they can make investments that would reduce the value of their estates while retaining sufficient income to ensure that they maintain their current standard of living. Where appropriate, we may also advise on the tax benefits of investing in assets where reliefs are available, such as shares in qualifying trading companies. Trusts can be incredibly tax-efficient structures in the right circumstances, and allow you to retain control of the assets within them to ensure that they are protected for the benefit of your family. We can provide advice on how trust structures can be used to mitigate your Inheritance Tax liabilities but also provide a tax-efficient structure for paying nursery, school and/or university fees.

If you own shares in a private company or are thinking about setting up a family investment company, trusts can be used to pay income to family members in a tax-efficient way, sometimes entirely free of Income Tax. With the appropriate planning, we could ensure that you retain sufficient assets to sustain your lifestyle but have a very Inheritance Tax-efficient structure, without giving up the control of the assets.

As with all of our planning, family investment company and trust structures need to be formulated based on a thorough understanding of your personal circumstances. This is why we spend the time to develop long-term relationships with our clients to tailor our advice to meet their objectives.

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