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Tempo portfolios

Tempo is an evidence-based, total return MPS portfolio range designed using a systematic discipline. It combines a passive and multi-factor approach, whilst staying true to the empirical evidence of weightings towards smallcap and value. Its name refers to the metric that sets how a piece of music should be played. Like in a musical score, the tempo defines the pace of performance. At the lowest tempo, the rhythm is slower, at the highest tempo it’s livelier and more active. Each portfolio in our range is set to an asset allocation that progressively increases the factors of risk and returns.

Our portfolios are structured using academic research and the long-term observation of markets and how they work.

What it is

  • Multi-discipline approach to fund allocation
  • Facts and figures-based
  • Aligned to a prescribed asset allocation
  • Competitively priced

What it is not

  • A ‘closet tracker’
  • Passive
  • A faceless service
  • Style-specific
  • Emotion-led fund picking

Our solutions are ideal for investors who would like to hand over the day-to-day management of their portfolio to experts because they offer the reassurance of a carefully selected portfolio of funds, across a broad spectrum of assets. Regular rebalancing ensures it stays on course over the long-term.

With all of our portfolios, investors can be secure in the knowledge that investments are being carefully looked after by our experienced asset management team. The Tempo MPS service is a fund of funds solution. It is made of the MGTS Progeny Systematic Bond and MGTS Progeny Systematic Equity funds. Within the MGTS Progeny Systematic Bond and Equity Funds, a number of different holdings span different asset classes and geographies. Matched using our selected risk profiling tool our solutions ensure the most appropriate portfolio is chosen to meet investors’ objectives, considering capacity to suffer losses and financial goals.

For more information on how our Tempo MPS Portfolios can deliver for your clients, please get in touch.

The value of investments and income from them is not guaranteed, can fall, and you may get back less than you invested. Your capital is therefore always at risk. It should be noted that stock market investing is intended for the longer term.