The financial planning journey

What’s involved in financial planning?

Whether it’s a change in our circumstances, for example marriage or entering into a civil partnership, starting a family, relationship breakdown, beginning to save for or to take retirement or investing to provide for our children’s education, financial planning can help everyone across all stages of their lives.
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It’s hard to plan objectively for ourselves as our financial decisions are often driven by emotion. We might worry that we’re not making the right choices for our family or feel nervous about making choices we’re not confident about. Nowadays, you can search for products online, but how do you know which ones will provide the right solution for you?

Financial Planner - Emil McKenzie

“A good financial adviser will get to know you, your circumstances and what you’d like to achieve in terms of your financial goals. Over time, they’ll be there for you as a trusted partner whose expertise and objectivity you can rely on.”

What’s covered in the guide:

What does a financial adviser do?

This guide explains our process in general terms and what financial planning can achieve for you.

The financial planning process

A good financial planner will use a six-step process to help you achieve your financial goals.

Focusing on investment planning

The process for choosing investments is a key part of financial planning and it has its own specific requirements.

Can I do it myself?

Successful do-it-yourself financial planning is feasible, if you have the knowledge, time, patience and self-discipline.

How we can help

We’re here to help you through the different stages of your financial planning journey.

Downloadable guide - The financial planning journey


Saving for retirement is complicated and has been made even more so by constant changes to the rules. Make sure to talk to your adviser to take full advantage of the available tax breaks.

Emil McKenzie

Emil McKenzie

Financial Planner

Emil is a financial planner at The Progeny Group having joined following the acquisition of JMG Financial Services in October 2021.

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