Probate Fee Increase is Scrapped

Director Martin Hasyn highlights the recent announcements in relation to probate application fees

The Government recently announced its controversial plan to alter the cost of applying for a Grant of Representation from May 2017. The intention was for the flat rate fee of £155 (when applying through a firm of solicitors) to be changed to a banded system which would see fees increase according to the value of the estate. Estates in excess of £2,000,000 would be subject to a maximum fee of £20,000 under the proposed changes. However, following the announcement of the upcoming election, the Ministry of Justice has said there is not enough time for the legislation to pass through parliament and as such, the new fee system has been put on hold. The matter is now one for the next Government to pick up and so whether the proposed fee changes will be scrapped altogether or simply delayed until after the 8th June remains to be seen.

Martin Hasyn

Head of Private Law

Martin has more than 15 years’ experience, specialising in wealth and succession planning, with a particular focus on business owners and entrepreneurs.

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