Progeny launches women in professional services forum

Progeny launches women in professional services forum

Progeny has launched a Women in Professional Services Forum, with the aim of building a community of female spokespeople and thought leaders within the business.

Progeny’s approach is that progress, in relation to gender equality, starts from the inside out. If companies can better understand the issues that women within their team are concerned and passionate about, then they can amplify these, by raising up their voices within the industry. This also includes practical support with skills such as networking, media and camera training, leveraging social media platforms and PR opportunities.

The forum includes a range of women across the business, in terms of age, role and seniority and held its first meeting in June.

Chief Marketing Officer at Progeny, Amy Tyley, comments:

“The response to the forum internally has been really positive and we’ve already identified a number of areas that people are keen to focus on, including the lack of meaningful financial education in schools and universities, the visibility of certain sectors as a career choice for women and the particular challenges that maternity leave and juggling childcare still presents for women in the workplace.

Amy Tyley quote

“Because of our multi-disciplinary business model, which encompasses financial planning, investment management, tax services, property, HR and legal counsel, all in one place, we are in a unique position to be able to engage with women across a breadth of professional services.

“According to a recent ‘Women at Work’ report, women today don’t need to be told to believe in themselves as they already do, but what they do need are practical skills, actionable training and role models in senior positions. This is exactly what our forum aims to help provide.”