Earlier this year, we announced our new innovative solution for businesses trying to balance their need for ongoing legal support with reducing overheads and focusing on the bottom line. We call it Club Legal.

It’s a unique subscription service offering bespoke legal support and unrestricted advice for businesses – all for a fixed fee. This ensures your legal support is free from clock-watching and hourly rates, creating a deeper and more communicative relationship with your lawyers, rather than having the concern of ‘feeding the meter’, which is particularly difficult for smaller businesses where cashflow may be an issue.

As a member of Club Legal, you have unrestricted access to advice on all commercial legal matters, not to mention on-demand expert lawyers who are business-minded and solution-driven. It’s also completely flexible and scalable to meet your specific business requirements.

We can build a package to manage all of your legal affairs with a fee that fits. You can pick from a wide range of legal services, and your package is completely adaptable, scalable and designed around your business. We’re here whenever you need us to answer the questions you have at every stage of your business journey. We free up your time so that you can focus on growing your business.

So, what does Club Legal do for its members? Here are some scenarios that showcase a number of ways in which Club Legal can benefit your business and help you achieve your ambitions.

The plate-spinning CEO…

Situation: A CEO or FD can often end up with responsibility for legal support and people management by default, when they are already spinning a dozen other plates to begin with. Sometimes issues that need quick attention get ignored in the hope they’ll go away, but more often than not this can lead to bigger problems for the business later down the line.

Solution: Club Legal can take the burden off the already-weighed-down CEO, FD, HR Director or manager. You can reach out to us at any time, as soon as a problem arises – or even in anticipation of one developing. We become a part of your senior team and provide practical, commercial advice and solutions to identify and manage any legal risk posed to your business.

Fear of the ticking clock…

Situation: The lawyer’s clock has started to tick, and you’re worried that the cost of your legal support has started to mushroom. This can be a disincentive to keeping in regular contact with your legal advisors, as you don’t know how large the bill is going to get.

Solution: Club Legal is designed to support businesses with unrestricted access to advice in a cost-effective and transparent manner. The subscription model frees you from clock-watching, so you can involve us from an early stage in your business journey, without fear of incurring large or unknown fees.

At Progeny, we are passionate about building a strong relationship with you, based on open lines of communication and a readiness to help. We believe there shouldn’t be a limit to the questions you can ask us, and we want you to focus not on the clock, but on the plans that you have for your business.

We like to tell you what you can do, not what you can’t…

Situation: Too often, lawyers focus on what you can’t do, rather than all the things you can achieve. You already understand that there are plenty of things that can go wrong when running and growing a business, but you want to know how you can move forward and you want someone who can look at the problem from a business perspective and not just through a legal lens.

Solution: Club Legal is focused on enabling businesses to succeed through planning and advice. We strongly believe in action, not inaction. It’s about understanding your obstacles in relation to your goals and always aiming to achieve the latter. We are open and friendly and speak your language. We pride ourselves on understanding your business and being accessible. Our lawyers are highly qualified, experienced and view issues from a commercial viewpoint.

A need for guaranteed access to experienced legal expertise…

Situation: There is a problem that needs solving, but the lawyer you’re discussing it with has no authority to act on it. They have to report to someone more senior and get back to you. You are left out of the loop and concerned that time is slipping by while your lawyer is trying to get the attention of the senior team.

Solution: For members of Club Legal this isn’t an issue, as our team is made up of knowledgeable expert solicitors who can work across all client projects and issues. They are highly experienced and can offer a senior-level support and expertise to quickly cut through the legal complexities and find a solution to your problem.

Is my business ready for this level of legal support…?

Situation: You might not think your business is ready just yet for this level of subscription legal support. You may simply require a sounding board for routine legal matters to supplement your in-house team or you may require a complete outsourced solution for all your business legal and HR matters.

Solution: Your unique Club Legal package is completely designed around your specific business. The service is offered on a menu basis; you select only the support you require. If your business needs change, we can adjust your package and work with you to ensure you are always fully supported.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Club Legal, please download the Club Legal brochure here or get in touch.

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Director, Corporate Law

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