Business succession planning

Building a robust succession plan

Careful succession planning is key to securing the future continued expansion and profitability of your business.

Whether you’re planning to exit the business for retirement, or putting contingency plans in place in the event of death or serious illness of a business owner – this guide offers a detailed look at the options available to you.

Business succession planning

“Business succession planning can offer you the opportunity to crystalise the value of the business and the blood, sweat and tears you put into it. That value could secure the wealth of your family for many years and for future generations, as well as give you a comfortable retirement.”

What is included in the guide:

• Succession planning for retirement

Retiring from your business as an owner or founder can be an emotional and difficult thing to do, especially if you have been in the driver’s seat for many years.

• Succession planning for death of a business owner

Having a succession plan in place is vital for when a business owner passes away.

• Succession planning for serious illness

Good planning can ensure that, should serious illness strike, the needs of the ill business owner, their family, business partners and co-shareholders can all be protected.

• How we can help

When we advise clients about business insurance and succession planning, we start by finding out the most important issues in each specific case.


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