Progeny announces B Corp Certification

National Chartered wealth management firm, Progeny, is now B Corp Certified and part of a global community of businesses that are verified as meeting high standards of social and environmental impact.

This makes Progeny one of a small number of B Corp wealth management companies in the UK, who are leading a movement to build systematic and sustainable change within business communities around the world.

Caroline Hawkesley, Progeny UK Managing Director, comments:

“B Corp certification means a huge amount to Progeny. As a business, you need to fully commit to the process and the B Corp values must become truly embedded in your structure and culture if you want to successfully meet the certification standards.

“We assembled a dedicated project management team to lead the certification process, as it’s certainly not a tick-box exercise. Today’s news is also by no means the end of the journey, as by definition, it’s all about sustainability, with a recertification every three years keeping us on track for continuous improvement and long-term business resilience.”

The rigorous B Corp certification involves reviewing a company’s business model and information about its operations, structure and various work processes against five areas of impact: Governance, Community, Workers, Environment and Customers.

Neil Moles, Progeny CEO, comments:

“In the context of growing consumer and investor focus on sustainability, it’s time that the wealth and investment management industries turned their attention to their own activities in this area.

“If we want to talk to our clients about Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) investing and sustainability then we need to be living and breathing these principles ourselves. We must practice what we preach.

“We are already seeing how clients want to understand more about our own activities and ethics and I think this will only increase, as consumer appetite grows for holding businesses and brands to account on their sustainability credentials.”

Chris Turner, Executive Director of B Lab UK, comments:

“We are pleased to have B Corps of all shapes and sizes as part of our community – from startups to multinationals and across many different industries. Business is a powerful force and B Corps demonstrate that you can do good in any sector. Welcoming Progeny is an exciting moment because they have an opportunity to lead the way within the wealth management industry. We and the rest of the B Corp community are really pleased to support Progeny in paving the way for a new way of doing things.”

B Corp Certification follows Progeny Wealth achieving corporate Chartered status with the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) at the start of the year.

Notes to editors

Progeny is the first and only firm in the UK to bring together Chartered financial planning, asset management, tax, HR and private and corporate legal services.

Emma Bull, PR Officer
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