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We are highly experienced in dealing with all aspects of probate and estate administration.

We have advised in many complex estates, including dealing with those which have cross border and multi-jurisdictional issues, in particular in Europe and the USA.

We are also able to advise on other complex estates, including those with issues such as business and agricultural property relief, significant lifetime gifts, royalty and other inheritance tax matters which require negotiation with HMRC. We have also been involved in applications where original wills have been lost, requiring applications for emergency grants, and we have been praised for how we deal with matters where there are charities as residuary beneficiaries.

We have also been involved in many disputed estates. Although we do not advise on matters which require litigation, we have successfully helped families to avoid costly litigation by advising on pragmatic solutions. When necessary, we work closely with litigation lawyers in helping to structure settlements surrounding unwanted tax liabilities, and we have also been appointed by the court as replacement executors when the appointed executors need to step down. Specifically, we advise on:

  • Cross border estate administration
  • Complex UK based estates
  • Grant applications and administration
  • Disputed estates

Please see the information on our probate administration fees here.