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Shareholder Agreements and Joint Ventures

We understand the ways in which companies and entrepreneurs can grow and develop their businesses through commercial collaboration. Whether this means entering into a joint venture or raising equity investment, we can provide you with the necessary guidance and support.

In the current uncertain economic climate, in which options to fund business growth and development are limited, the popularity of business angel investing and joint ventures has surged. They allow businesses and entrepreneurs to locate funding while lowering the risk of a new venture by sharing the costs and other liabilities between a number of parties.

We ensure that the right foundations are in place from the outset, giving all parties complete clarity on their position. This helps to prevent problems arising later down the line, while also providing the flexibility for your business to develop, grow and succeed in the future.

We pride ourselves on adopting the best approach to suit your individual circumstances. We don’t fall back on one-size-fits-all responses that fail to address the practicalities of individual needs. Our expert team has extensive experience in supporting clients with their commercial collaboration over the years, so we respond to your real-life problems with practical, proactive solutions.