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Non-Legal Business Support

At Progeny, we like to take a pragmatic approach and really give our clients a ‘value added’ service. That’s why we offer a wide range of non-legal business expertise to help support your business through transition periods or complement and supplement your in-house capacity. We can provide a range of extra services, surpassing standard expectations:

Interim FD Service

As the guardian of a company’s assets, a key member of the senior management team and a vital contributor to the strategy, the Financial Director is an integral part of any business. However, some companies don’t want to incur the costs of a full-time FD or find they only need one for certain periods of key demand.

We can assist in providing expert financial advice to meet unexpected or additional requirements – for example, on short-term projects or meeting the need to urgently and temporarily fill a Financial Director role while a replacement is found. An interim FD can also help with the production of Management Information, which is vital to good business management (see below).

Strategic HR

Strategic HR is an area that has grown in profile and popularity in recent years. It is an approach to managing human resources that supports long-term business goals and outcomes with a strategic framework.

Companies want to get the best out of their employees and identify and incentivise the high performers, allowing the business to grow in line with its objectives.

We can assist by managing and guiding your HR so that it supports your company’s long-term business goals, going beyond the standard HR practices to form a cohesive, structured, long-term strategy.

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Cashflow Management

Analysing and managing a company’s cashflow can be a difficult and stressful task that can tie up a significant number of employee-hours. We have the expertise to relieve this burden on your business and work with you to find solutions to cashflow issues. We offer the following services:

  • Projecting trends in cash inflow and outflow
  • Advising on effectively managing cashflow
  • Advising on contractual terms to support good cash collection
  • Advising on debt collection and chasing bad debts

Management Information

The production of high quality and regular management information can often be neglected by many early-stage businesses. Given its importance in good business management, it is vital to invest some time and resource in putting the structure in place to produce this information.

We can introduce you to the people and establish the systems to do this and, thereby, significantly improve the financial management of your business.

Risk Management

Careful risk management is crucial to the success of any business. With our guidance, you can identify, evaluate and prioritise the risks present in your company.

Once you have clarity on the risk issues facing your business, we can advise and guide you on how best to minimise or remove them. Managing risks quickly and effectively means you address them before they have time to evolve into larger-scale issues. Our services include:

  • An audit of your risks and production of an action plan
  • Review of contractual protections
  • Requirements for insurance cover
  • Review of regulatory compliance and action plan

Supply Chain Cost Management

Many businesses are all-too-ignorant of the fact that they are paying much more than they should be for most of their supply chain costs – like mobile phones, utilities and car leasing, for example.

We work with experts who can analyse these costs and focus on reducing your overheads. On average they save businesses c£20,000 a year in costs and work on a percentage success fee.