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Business Sales

When you’re considering selling your business, you need to plan ahead. There are many ways we can help you maximise value and minimise tax, but to do this we ideally need to be on board more than 12 months before the sale. Involving us at an early stage means that we can structure and prepare you and your business for the best exit.

An undertaking like a business sale never exists in isolation. It will always be accompanied by any number of interconnected corporate and personal legal and financial concerns. Progeny’s unique framework of advice and insight allows us to help business owners to identify and work through all the elements and implications of their sale, spanning their professional and personal lives. We work hand-in-hand with our Private Law and Wealth Management teams to ensure that the sale meets all your personal and family goals – providing a unique service offering in the marketplace.

In preparing for a sale, the areas that our Corporate Legal team can advise on include:

  • Pre-sale legal audit to identify and address any issues which could lead to a price chip
  • Value maximisation plans
  • Tax Planning – both personal and family – to secure the maximum tax reliefs
  • Group restructuring to maximise value (see Demergers)
  • Advice on various purchase price structures – earn-outs, deferred, roll-over of shares – and their tax implications
  • Negotiation of the sale to minimise and cap your risk
  • Use of sale proceeds and investment plans.

We can also provide advice and expertise on the other side of the transaction, when you are looking to purchase a business.